When you feel better, you live better!

That’s why I opened my solo massage therapy practice: to help my clients keep their bodies happy and healthy enough to move in comfort, working with areas of pain or tension that are hindering their daily life.

When the body relaxes, the mind will follow.

Massage therapy helps to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. (Our bodies already know how to relax, isn’t it wonderful?) Your massage serves as a gentle nudge, reminding your body that it knows how to heal itself.

Massage Sessions Customized for your Individual Needs

I use a combination of techniques in my massage sessions, including Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Table Thai and Stretching, and Trigger Point therapies. All bodies are different and have different needs for each session.

What does all this mean?

Well, are you looking for overall relaxation because you struggle with anxiety or depression? Maybe you want to de-stress as well as get some relief from your neck or back pain. Maybe you need focus on a specific area for injury rehabilitation and/or prevention? Maybe you’re pregnant or just had a baby? Talk to me about what your goals for treatment are and we’ll plan your session together. Your session is exactly that…yours.

And who am I? I’m Jen. Nice to meet you. Come take a look around…