“Jen is an excellent massage therapist. I came in with an injury to which she was able to bring some much needed relief. I left the office walking on a cloud!”

Mary M. (Google)

“Jen must be a naturally good therapist with really great training. She tailors my massages to help dissolve the issues that trigger point muscle spasms, scar tissue with neuropathy, and overall fatigue can cause. She is obviously excited by the science behind how the body works and she stays up to date with news in the massage and related fields. Her enthusiasm shows me how much she cares about providing me with the best service. She has been clean, prompt, and professional without seeming clinical. I hope to work with her for many more years. ”

Stephanie S. (Google)

“I had been training hard for a climbing competition and wanted to get a massage before the event. I walked into the session feeling tight and beaten, and walked out feeling loose and limber. Jen does a great job. Looking forward to my next massage. Thanks Jen!”

Fred H. (Google)

“Jen is great! She is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She takes time to listen to my needs, adjusts therapy to address problem areas while still providing an overall balanced massage.”

Mary L. (Google)

“If there were six stars, I’d give them. Jen is a perfect professional and she does genuinely care about your body. She went to work on my shoulder with broken humerous and found the source of the griping pain in no time—and fixed it. There’s no doubt I’ll be back to her regularly; the one massage therapist in the Charlotte area I would trust again.”

Aran W. (Google)

“I had an AMAZING massage with Jen today! I left feeling so relaxed. All my tensions were released. The background music was perfect and she was very conscious of pressure. If you need a massage for yourself or as a gift, I really recommend her!”

Cindy F. (Facebook)

“Jen is amazing! The fact that she comes to my house and I don’t have to go anywhere, rocks!! I always feel amazing by the time she leaves!!”

Melissa E. (Facebook)

“Love love love Jen’s massages! She takes her time and you can really tell and feel that she cares about what she is doing. Not only that but she will come to your home or you can go visit her office during available hours! She’s prompt, affordable and will come to you! Highly recommended from a very satisfied client :)”

Kelby C. (Yelp)

“Jen is great! Upbeat, considerate, and concerned about giving clients her best. Her deep tissue/Swedish massage is the only thing that really helps my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Love her new location in Matthews, and she does home visits, too!”

Mary L. (Yelp)

“Sometimes it seems frivolous to spend my time and money on a massage, even when I am educated about its benefits. But after a session with Jen, I have no regrets and am completely convinced that it is worth every minute and every penny. She is a knowledgeable massage therapist and a very friendly person. Check her out.”

Kimberly H. (Yelp)

“Jen is fantastic! I’m 6 weeks into the decision to have a massage every two weeks and I am so very pleased about it! Jen arrives at my home on time, sets up quickly and professionally, is able to provide music if needed, and asks questions about my overall and acute needs. She even brought an essential oil diffuser and it immediately transformed my living room into a spa. I’ve struggled with finding a regular therapist for years and I am so happy to have Jen in my life! She is a very important part of my self-care routine and helps me through her massage therapy with things like chronic pain, anxiety, migraine prevention and relief, flexibility and range of motion, scar tissue release, myofascial pain, general relaxation, and so much more. I highly recommend Jen Hatley Massage Therapy!”

Stephanie S. (MassageBook)

“Jen is amazing! Such a calming and relaxing experience every time I visit her.”

Jenna G. (MassageBook)

“Jen was fantastic! Had her 2 weeks after a c section and she made me feel the best I had in weeks! I needed it so bad and she put my mind and body at ease. Highly recommend her and will be back!”

Crystal D. (MassageBook)

“Jen takes the time to find out what areas need some extra attention, using her knowledge of anatomy to determine how best to address problems. She really works those tissues to increase blood flow to aid in healing.”

Mary L. (MassageBook)

“The whole experience is excellent. Jen is fantastic and is able to cater to my post surgery needs. I go every other week and each massage is great!

Anonymous (MassageBook)”

“Jen does an amazing job. She knows how to work on your needed areas and is sensitive your preferences.”

Kevin P. (MassageBook)

“The experience was very pleasant and helpful. Nerve problems got some relief after the first session. I am looking forward to many more.”

Gary S. (MassageBook)

“Jen arrived on time with everything that she needed. We transformed my living room into a more peaceful space. She told me about the different approaches that we could take to optimize my experience both specifically and overall. She gave just enough care to my shoulder, neck, and shoulders while also including enough overall tension release and relaxation. All in all a fantastic experience!”

Stephanie S. (MassageBook)

“I highly recommend Jen! I had not had a massage in 3 years. Jen worked out knots and kinks in my back and neck that I did not realize was throwing my posture off. I have already signed up for another session.”

Suzanne. F (MassageBook)

“Jen was very good! She was very thorough and was able to help my back feel a lot better. Thank you Jen!”

David M. (MassageBook)

“Jen does an amazing job! She was able to work with my shoulder injury to help with the healing. She listens and was really considerate of my needs. Highly recommend!”

Mary M. (MassageBook)

“Jen is very warm, friendly, concerned with client comfort, and provides personalized expert care in a beautiful environment.”

Anonymous (MassageBook)